10 Interview questions to annoy SQL Professionals

Know any SQL Server experts that are going for a technical job interview ?

Have some fun by giving them 60 seconds to answer as many as possible of these true/false questions.

1A clustered table is better than a heap?  
2You should never use a GUID as a primary key ?
3Mirroring is better than replication?
4The datetime2 data type should always be used over datetime?
5Page compression is recommended over row compression?
6Compressed tables are faster than uncompressed tables?
7Adding SSD’s will make queries faster?
8Adding more memory will make queries faster?
9Cursors should never be used?
10Table variables are better than temp tables?
bonusThe Tabular model is faster than the MOLAP model?  

Thanks to Vedran Kesegic (SQL MCM) who popped over for dinner last night and inspired these interview questions.

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