Fabric Services

Our expert level Architects, Data Engineers and Data Analysts are ready to help you with Microsoft Fabric. We can get you started or engage with you on full service delivery of your data warehouse or analytics.

Quick Start Services

Consultancy Services

Contact us at fabric@prodata.ie to hire a Fabric Architect, Data Engineer and/or Data Analyst to help you get started. We can help you with training, architecture, delivery, support or planning with team sizes ranging from just one consultant to an entire team, depending on your requirements.

Fabric DWA Framework

We have distilled out 30 years experience designing and building Enterprise Data Warehouses into a single Framework that provides a core controller and suite of libraries to kick start any project, save months of development and more importantly ensure adherence to best practise data architecture standards.

You can read more and see videos of the Fabric DWA Framework on the link below:

Enterprise Data Warehousing and Integration

If you are looking for a delivery partner to architect, design, build and test a data warehouse project, speak to us. We have 30 years experience in large scale enterprise data integration and warehouse projects.

Of special note is our ERP integration experience and track record, both with real-time integration and/or data warehousing and analytics. You can leverage our business transformation expertise to bring real value quickly.