Architectural Design Session (ADS) – FREE

Discuss your challenges and we will help you outline or white board initial project architecture with our experienced data architecture team. We can highlight recommended Infrastructure, capacity planning guidelines, design patterns and templates for Ingest, transform, security and Business Intelligence. We can also highlight what industry trends, relevant recommended practices and where your project can save time and money with automation instead of man power.

Synapse Quick Start – 5 Days

The full synapse suite comprises of a workspace and dedicated database pool. While Platform as a Service doesn’t require any Infrastructure on your site, an enterprise installation still needs planning and configuration. This quick start includes everything to get you up and running using Synapse in your organisation: 

  • Workshops with AD/AAD team on managed Identity 
  • Guidance with Managed Identity and/or AAD Integration 
  • Capacity Planning Workshops 
  • Resource and Capacity Planning 
  • Costing Workshop 
  • Security workshop 
  • Deployment of scripts for Scale Up/Scale Down and Pausing. 
  • Help planning and creating Azure platform resources 
  • Configuration and testing of Polybase, Synapse Workspace (ADF) and Dedicated SQL Pool (SQLDW) 

Power BI Quick Start – 5 Days

  • Workshop for On-premise Gateway Planning  
  • Deployment of On-Premise gateway 
  • PowerBI Log and usage analytics Templates and Accelerator 
  • Workshop on Security and Workspace Planning 
  • PowerBI Capacity Planning 
  • Training on PowerBI Service 
  • Sample PowerBI Reports 

Power BI Proof of Concept – 5 Days+

Just getting started in Power BI ?  Need to quickly envision the end result for stakeholder buy in? 

Let us build you a proof of concept:  Data Processing, Model, Reports, dashboard direct on top of some of YOUR data. This will help demonstrate the platform capabilities  before you make a major decision on your strategic data platform.

SQL Data-warehouse Performance Tuning- 5 Days+

Do you have a SQL Workload which is running too slow with waits, bottlenecks and long query times? 

Let us run a workload analysis and report on top 10-20 recommendations for performance and scalability 

  • High IO queries 
  • Blocking and Locking 
  • Wait Stats 
  • Bad Plans 
  • Missing Indexes 
  • Improvement in parallel table design (Synapse only) 
  • TSQL optimisation and best practices 
  • Ingress and Egress optimisation 

Our comprehensive report will help your team or vendor address and prioritise scalability issues with all issues sorted into criticality and impact. 

Enterprise Data Warehouse Offerings

Enterprise Data Warehouse Design – 10+ Days

Prodata can help you design your enterprise data warehouse including aspects such as: 

  • Platform Architecture 
  • Data Architecture 
  • Capacity Planning 
  • Security Design 
  • Business Data Modelling 
  • Semantic Modelling 

Expected output from EDW design includes: 

  • Kimball Star Schema Design (BUS Matrix) 
  • Platform Design Blueprint 
  • Platform and Build Costing 
  • Security Design Blueprint 
  • Recommended Build Blueprint 

Prodata can help you get the correct level of governance with templates and accelerators for:

  • Creating data dictionaries for users.
  • Help libraries and guides.
  • End user Training.
  • Logging and Monitoring analytics.

Guidance on using PowerBI visualisations on your data model.

Enterprise Data Warehouse Build– 10+ Days

Using the Prodata expert team to build your data warehouse or lead and upskill you in house team can make a lot of sense. 

We bring a wealth of experience in automation frameworks, modelling, Templates and vertical Industry experience. This allows your project to hit the ground running potentially accelerating the build phase by 10x. 

In addition, prodata bring maturity and experience related disciplines like DevOps, maintenance and operational management for your data warehouse and supporting data engineering technologies like ADF and Synapse Workspaces. 

ERP Offerings

ERP Enterprise Data Warehouse Build– 20+ Days

Use your ERP as the backbone of your enterprise data warehouse. 

Well work with you to come up with the most efficient extract mechanism to bring your legacy or black box ERP into a modern Azure based data warehouse and analytics platform. 

This allows you to bring the full analytical self-service experience to  

ERP Core Finance Reporting and Analytics. 10+ Days 

Perhaps the most valuable source of data for financial reporting and analytics is your General Ledger. 

We can work with you to extract general ledger transactions from your ERP including supporting dimensions like Cost Centre and Chart of Accounts. This can then be brought into a modern PowerBI Model with full analytics such as slice and dice, drill through and integration into excel. 

Below is a recent presentation we did on CashFlow modelling in Power BI