Our SSAS Experience

Prodata developed their first enterprise SSAS model in 1999 using OLAP 7.0 to analyze high volumes of data in the Telco sector.

We build all of our semantic models (whether Tabular or MOLAP) as a true craftsmen with careful attention to detail such as hierarchies, key/name pairs, referential integrity, naming conventions, flexible and automated star schema modelling, expert DAX knowledge and innovative design patterns for Finance and other verticals.

We have been at the forefront of Analysis Services in Ireland. with highlights such as:

  • First and only SSAS Maestro Certified Architect in Ireland. This was Microsoft’s highest certification for Analysis Services achieved by only a handful of people globally.
  • Only MS Partner to achieve “Expert GOLD” status in Business Intelligence and SSAS. Microsoft recognized BI partners delivering the very highest quality experts via the Maestro certification.
  • Presented at PASS Global Summit on Load Testing Analysis Services at massive concurrency
  • Helped design and Build Europe’s largest SSAS Farm
  • Presented at SqlBits on Optimizing Cube Processing
  • Brought world class DAX and SSAS training to Ireland with our friends in SQLBI and Chris Webb.

We have build semantic models in Tabular, PowerBI and MOLAP engines to support tens of thousands of users over multiple TB’s of data in sub second response time.

Some of our public presentations available online are below

Load Testing Analysis Services

Optimising Cube Processing

Blog Posts on SSAS

Cube Processing Deep Dive

Thanks to everyone who came to the Dublin SQL UG last night! here’s a link for the slides from the session Best Regards, Bob


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