Power BI

Enterprise Level Power BI Expertise

Prodata have been helping enterprise customers in Ireland with large scale Power BI implementations from 10 to 10,000 users. Whether you are using Prodata to build your reports or build a managed self service data platform with the correct security and governance we can help.

A special focus for Prodata is designing data security models to support say multi division or multi country access to corporate data via PowerBI and if needed SSAS.

Below are some of our award winning presentations on Power BI
CashFlow Modelling in Power BI for the Enterprise

The Irish Economic Crisis Visualised in Power BI

DAX Internals and Performance Experts

Prodata bring a world class understanding of the Internals and DAX language and Vertipaq Storage Engine beneath Power BI anbd its big brother, SSAS. All our consultants attend and follow training from the world leaders in DAX Tuning at https://www.sqlbi.com/

If you need a partner who deeply understands performance and DAX tuning, then talk to us

Community Recognition

Here at Prodata we help run the SQL Ireland user group including PowerBI Content. With initiatives such as SQL MasterClass, regular meetups and annual conferences such as SqlSaturday and Data Ceili.

From 2008 Bob Duffy has been awarded MVP in Data Platform from Microsoft for community services such as speaking at International / local events and organizing events for the Irish data community.

Power BI Blog Posts

Fabric – Refresh PBI Dataset using Python API

To invoke Power BI Dataset refresh using Python, use ‘requests’ library to make HTTP requests to the API. Prerequisites: Client ID, Client Secret and Tenant ID are needed to generate access token Functions to get PowerBI Workspace ID and Dataset…

Power BI- Data Connectivity Modes

Import Data This connection means that Power BI will cache the data meaning Pulling data from Data Source and into Power BI Desktop File. Advantages: Caching the data makes you take full advantage of Vertipaq Engine. Report Performance will be…

Using Many to Many for Financial Reporting

1) For multiple Reports and Report Variations As discussed in a previous blog article, simple Profit and Loss may assume a single reportinghierarchy rolling up account numbers into a reporting line and heading. As this starts to break down we…

Financial Modelling in PowerBI – Downloads

For my session in SQL bits on Financial Modelling in PowerBI there are couple of useful downloads if you want to follow or dissect at home. 1) AdventureWorksDW2017This data warehouse has an albeit basic data warehouse version of an accounting…

Gotchas on PowerPivot for SharePoint to 2012 RC0

If there is one product in the MS BI stack that is worth upgrading as soon as possible then it is PowerPivot. The 2012 version offers lots of new features such as: Lots of new features: Diagram View (at last)…

What’s Coming in RTM For Power View

We’ve just finished the SQL 2012 Road show  featuring Always On, BISM, PowerPivot 2.0 and Power View (formally project crescent). There are a few more features coming in RTM that we could not demo, but be aware that they will…


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