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ONLY Architect Level Certification in Ireland

When Bob Duffy left Microsoft as a Senior SQL Consultant and subject matter expert for DW/BI in 2008, prodata became the SQL Centre of Excellence with a focus on SQL Server and Business Intelligence. We have architects and consults certified to the very highest levels on the Microsoft Platform for SQL Server achieved by only a handful globally.

We have been working on the SQL Server platform for over about 25 years with hundreds of engagement across Ireland for enterprise customers.

Experts at bring the SQL Platform to Azure

Running the SQL platform on azure can be challenging, whether you are just running traditional SQL in VMs (IaaS), running SQL DB (PaaS), or going the whole hog and running the scale out data warehouse Synapse (aka sqldw). In particularity you need to a good understanding of how resources and throttling affect your solution and capacity planning.

Regardless of the flavor of azure we can help implement and optimize having been involved in many Azure database projects and advanced tuning projects.

Some relevant presentations below:
SQL Storage Fundamentals for Azure IaaS

Migrating SQL to the Cloud

SQL Performance and Scalability Exports

Over the last 10+ years, Prodata have performed hundreds of SQL engagements related to performance tuning, scalability, load testing, migration, consolidation, and enterprise Architecture.

Within a very short amount of time we can provide analysis and recommendations on any type of SQL performance issue. we also produce a comprehensive report on top issues, impact and recommended mitigation steps. Where design or coding changes are required we can woth with your development team to help explain issues and recommended changes.

If you have a SQL DBA in Ireland then chances are they will know us, worked on a Project, or at least attended some of our events.

Below is a presentation on us taking an OLTP from 100 to a million Transaction Per Minute

Another presentation optimizing dot.net data access strategies

Community Recognition

Here at Prodata we help run the SQL Ireland user group with initiatives such as SQL MasterClass, regular meetups and annual conferences such as SqlSaturday and Data Ceili.

From 2008 Bob Duffy has been awarded MVP in Data Platform from Microsoft for community services such as speaking at International / local events and organizing events for the Irish data community.

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