#sqlsat278 Budapest Load Testing SSAS Content

In my session on load testing analysis services we cover a few areas:

  • How to create unit tests for Analysis Services using a variety of tools
  • How to capture and analyse a workload using a service side trace
  • How to use Visual Studio run load test scenarios are regression testing in excel.
  • A case study on load testing Analysis Services to support thousands of users.
  • A case study on converting an enterprise BI solution from MOLAP to tabular and testing it.

If you want to play with the deck, source code and demos I used you can download them below.

If you want to recreate the MOLAP model I used with 100 million rows in the sales table there is a previous blog on how to scale adventure works below:

I’ll post another blog entry later with my 100 million row tabular model with the same schema as the adventure works. This is useful as you can run almost the exact same MDX on both MOLAP and tabular.

Deck and load test source download Link: ssas_load_test_deck_source.zip

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