SQL 2012 Always On at the Dublin UG on Wed 23rd May

For those of you who didn’t get to my sponsor session at #sqlsat105, I’m presenting a deep dive on SQL 2012 Always on at the Dublin SQL Users Group on the  23rd May in Microsoft Atrium Building, details are here:

If you are working with high availability or using replication to offload reporting, this session is a must see for you.

I plan to step through the main features of SQL 2012 Always on and migrate a live enterprise application from SQL 2005 to SQL 2012 to always on, while demoing features such as:

  • zero down time migration
  • Installation and Configuration
  • planned failover
  • cluster enhancements
  • unplanned failover
  • Using secondary replicas
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Some insight into the deeper workings: Virtual Network Names, Listeners, node voting, quorum, health model, etc.

Come along on the 23rd May. I’m planning to go for some pints afterwards too, so will be around  to discuss anything SQL or BI related.

Note this is on Wed, not the usual Tuesday night!

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