Bob Duffy – User Group and Event Sessions for 2022

If you are running a SQL/Data User group or event I’m always happy to do a 50-60 minute virtual talk. Let me know or @bob_duffy on twitter.

2022 Session Options

01. SqlPool Maintenance Fundamentals

SQL Pools now support auto create status. But they do not support auto update stats and don’t quite have the same level of DMVs to analyse stats as traditional SQL Server.

Columnstore are pretty much a defacto standard for large tables in SQL pools, but nothing ships as standard to do daily/weekly maintenance.

This session shows how to review the health of Index, Stats and ColumnStore(s) and keep them healthy

02. The DW Architect Fireside chat

Not many demos here.

Just a discussion on what good DW architecture and design is on Sql Pools. How do we review good design, how do we measure it and how do we improve it ?

Come along if you work as a (E)DW architect or designer and want to discuss principles with peers.

03. Extract Automation in SqlPools

How do you get your data into your Sql Pool quickly and efficiently ?

This session focuses on various ways to get your data into a SQL Pool. Covering CSV, Json, XML, Web Services, on premise and Frankenstein formats.

04. Star Schema Automation in EDW/SqlPool

Now that we have automated the “E” part of ETL, how do we automate the more complex T and L ?

This session focuses on how to automate Star Schema creation, loading and extensibility using meta data based automation TSQL templates and DMVs.

Go from BUS Matrix to star schema with almost no coding at scale as we do for 10s of thousands of tables.

05. SQL Storage Fundamentals for Azure VMs

SQL disk configuration and planning can really hurt you if you get it wrong in azure. There is a lot more to getting SQL right on Azure VMs than next-next-next.

Come along and dive deeper into azure storage for SQL. Topics covered include:
– SQL storage Capacity Planning concepts
– Understanding Storage Accounts, VM limits, and disk types
– Understanding and planning around throttling.
– Benchmarking
– Optimizing SQL configuration to match Azure disk layout
– Hitting “max” disk throughput

06. Cashflow Statements with Power BI

Bob has been involved in taking Financial Models from paper based to highly dynamic analytics models in Microsoft BI for many large enterprises in Ireland.

This session builds open the previous session on Financial Modelling the P&L and Balance Sheet and introduces concepts to successfully produce the formal Cashflow Statement

Bob will show the “secret sauce” to cashflow and other financial modelling. Its beneficial to have seen modelling P&L and Balance Sheets first!

07. Financial Modelling with Power BI (PL/BS)

ob has been involved in taking Financial Models from paper based to highly dynamic analytics models in Microsoft BI for many large enterprises in Ireland.

Building Successful Financial Models based of a Chart of Accounts and General Ledger can be difficult for a number of reasons:
– Dynamic/Growing Chart of Accounts
– Many to Many Structure
– Parent Child
– Ragged Hierarchies on financial reports
– Unary Operators such as running sums
– Entity Attribute Value structures
– Modelling Profit Variations like EDBITA

Bob will show the “secret sauce” to financial modelling for General Ledger (GL) structures such as Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

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