Selecting the right Azure VM for SQL

When looking for the right VM for SQL we need to look at a lot of factors, but mainly these four factors

  • Throughput of VM (Cached and Uncached)
  • Cores Available
  • VM Memory GN
  • Cost per month (compute and SQL license)

This can be difficult to do as may current tools to pick a VM don’t easily allow you to compare say throughput limits. and cost at the same time.

To make this easier I created a sample PBIX that reads in Azure VM Stats and pricing using Powershell and allows you to compare the VM Range.

Sample Report Below

You can download this report and the Powershell code from GitHub on link below


This is based on North Europe and EUR consumption prices (not EA or reservations) and as of 07/03/2022 so may get out of date!

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