Synapse workspace: Load data using Polybase and Managed Identity

Configuration Steps

  • Create a Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2 storage account, make sure to enable Hierarchical namespace. Read Microsoft KB here.
  • Create a Synpase workspace and select newly created data lake storage as Account name and blob container as File System name.
  • Assign Storage Blob Data Contributor permissions to Synpase Workspace in the Storage account.
  • Open Synpase workspace and browse to Manage then Linked Services to add storage account. Click New and select Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 option.
  • Select Managed Identity as Authentication method and test connection before Save.

Load Data into Azure Synapse using Polybase

  • Add a new pipeline under Integrate and drag “Copy Data” shape to the workspace.
  • Under Source select the source data store from data lake storage (e.g. csv or excel) or create a new data source using File System option.
  • Under Sink select the target table. Make sure to Select Polybase as copy method. Validate and commit the changes in the pipeline.

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