Bob’s Speaking Schedule early 2014

Here’s a list of events I am speaking at this year so far. I foolishly have different topics at each event rather than delivering the same content at each event.

1) Load Testing Analysis Services. 1st march. #sqlsat278  Budapest

Ever deployed an Analysis Services cube that worked perfectly well with one user on the development server, only to find that it doesn’t meet the required volumes of user concurrency? This session focuses on tools and methodology to load test Analysis Services in highly concurrent environments. Including how to locate resource bottlenecks and the appropriate configuration settings that can help improve performance. Sample source code will be supplied to help you load test analysis services. We will be focused on the MOLAP engine, but techniques are equally applicable to the tabular model.

A video of an older version of this presentation at SqlBits in 2012 is available online:

2) Migrating to Azure and the Cloud.  29th March #sqlsat267 Denmark

So your CTO wants you to migrate your mission critical database application to the cloud. What’s involved and what are the pitfalls? In one hour we will take a sample ecommerce application and database, show tools available for both schema and data migration and then demo performance and scalability impacts.

Both database and application options are discussed.

3) Cube Processing Deep Dive. 8th April Dublin SQLUG, Ireland

Ever wondered what actually happens when a cube is “processed”, why it takes so long, how you can configure and optimise cube processing, or what strategies people commonly use for incremental processing ?

This session provides a deep dive into cube processing for MOLAP cubes, to help understand how it works and what you can do to work with it.

Come to this session if you are working with Microsoft Analysis Services from either a development, Administrative or Architectural perspective.
Most of the content is aimed at MOLAP cubes but we will also include a brief discuss on the newer Tabular models.

4) Optimising a Solution on the SQL Platform. 12th April  #sqlsat267 Portugal

In this case study we will take a sample ecommerce application running in a load test harness and show common performance worst practices, how to correct them and the impact on performance. During a series of live demos we aim to test just how far we can optimise transactional processing.This session is aimed to help developers and DBA’s understand the performance impact of choices made within a application and its interaction with SQL Server.

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