I’m speaking at SQL Saturday Edinburgh

Just found out that I’ve been selected to speak at SQL Saturday Edinburgh on the 7th/8th of June http://sqlsaturdayedinburgh.com

I’m super excited as Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities, having been through my student years there and sampled many a pint in the Last Drop on Grassmarket. I’ve been back a few time for new year but never during the summer.

So what topic am I speaking on ? Well a topic fitting of a SQL Server MCA, SQL MCM, SQL Server MVP and Analysis services Maestro. Its a tool that leaves SQL professionals, IT professionals and dot.net developers shaking in their boots (or pulling their hair out).

Yes, my “Microsoft Access Power Hour” is finally coming to a SQL Saturday near you.

Come along and jeer, see what the enemy is wooing the business with;  throw some rotten tomatoes as we show how fantastic Microsoft Access is . If you can’t beat the enemy, join them: find out how to get SQL Server and Access to co-exist, even maybe work together, and actually mention the world “performance” without giggling.

If you have not seen what access can do I guarantee that you will change your opinion – or at least know your enemy better so you can fight your battles.

Yes, with Microsoft Access you do common tasks ridiculously faster than with the “enterprise” equivalents.

Some popular demos:

– Using Access to build your windows front ends in 30 seconds, while dot.net developers are still getting their coffee before white boarding class diagrams.

– Developing reports in 15 seconds. Make reporting services and even PowerView look cumbersome.

– Building data driven web sites in 60 seconds. Make Access do the hard work and leave web designers to work on the nice logos and arty stuff.

– Transferring data for ETL solutions in five seconds. Leave SSIS and BCP for when you need to take more time to justify your bill.

– Developing SharePoint solutions with Microsoft Access in 90 seconds, or optionally employ a SharePoint “workflow” developer for six weeks.

– Using Microsoft Access to bulk load and transfer data.

– How to bypass common access security to prove access is very insecure.

– How to make Access databases secure to annoy people who are trying to prove it is insecure.

– How to secretly scale Microsoft Access front ends to many hundreds of concurrent users (people have been killed for less)

– Why Microsoft Access can teach SQL Server a thing or two about meta data, extended properties, data management and being RAD.

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