My Upcoming Seminars

So far has been a busy start to the year. I have kicked off some new BI projects in the office, lots of performance tuning, capacity planning, upgrade projects, and hopefully some exciting announcements coming soon as we launch a new company. so has been a bit quiet on the blog front 😉

I have a few upcoming seminars that might be of interest. One in Dublin and Two at the next SqlBits in Nottingham. I’m also hoping to make it over to some SqlSaturdays – maybe the one in Edinburgh and Denmark:



1. Optimising the SQL Platform for Solutions – Thurs 28/02/2013

We aim to offer guidance on how to design your Data Access Strategy to make the right choices for performance, and the how to monitor and tune a SQL workload by making common change in to improve performance and scalability. A focus is on the platform but many concepts are equally applicable to Java and other platforms.

First we will demonstrate design choices offers to interface with SQL Server when using ADO.Net and benchmark the impact on performance, then we will take a sample application running in a load test harness and show common performance worst practices, how to correct them and the impact on performance.

  • Module 1 – Dot.Net Data Access Fundamentals.
  • Module 2 – SQL/ Performance Tuning Methodology and Tools.

2. SQL 2012 Always on Deep Dive Fri 03/05/2013

Always On Availability Groups offer a huge leap forward in terms of high availability. This sessions is a demo based introduction to the high availability changes in SQL 2012 emphasizing key features and benefits.

During the demonstration we will show how to seamlessly upgrade a database from SQL 2005+ to SQL 2012 with ZERO down time and then use the Availability Group features to simplify reporting, availability and disaster recovery.

This session will be useful for anyone who is working in a high availability environment or currently using replication to provide reporting and looking for a neater solution.

3. Windows Azure for SQL Folk Sat 04/04/2013

So what is this cloud stuff and how does it affect database professionals ?

In this session we aim to cover the fundamental concepts that you should know on the Cloud and Windows Azure. In this demo based hour we will step through building Azure applications, deploying and managing them and what storage choices you have when developing applications in the cloud.

This sessions is Ideally suited to anyone who wants to understand more behind how Azure works, what it offers and what is probably just hype.

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