Upcoming Advanced SQL Performance Tuning Events

One thing people come to us for is advanced performance tuning. No I don’t mean adding indexes to remove table scans I means complex issues involving either more sophisticated resource bottlenecks or problems with huge scale.

With this in mind we have two advanced tuning events coming up in November:

  • The first three day workshop is a deep dive for performance tuning and troubleshooting techniques on the database engine and is run by internationally recognised SQL Server expert and certified MCM Klaus Aschenbrenner.This is the first time Klaus has come to Ireland to present his popular performance tuning workshop. Level 300+
  • The second one day seminar is covering Super Scaling SQL Server. As the topic suggests this is not for the feint hearted. You’ll probably need either heave good experience with SQL server troubleshooting or have attended some of our other advanced performance sessions to get the most out of this session. Thomas Kejser is undoubtedly one of the greatest minds in the SQL server technical community when it comes to scale and performance. Level 400+


SQL Server Performance Tuning & Trouble Shooting Workshop (3 days)

with Klaus Aschenbrenner , November 14th – 16th 2012, Dublin

Cost – €1,799

Registration: http://www.prodata.ie/events/2012/SQL-Performance_tuning_workshop.aspx

We all know the situation only too well, Friday evening and the weekend is flirting with you promisingly ….. then the dreaded email arrives telling you that your SQL Server has enormous performance problems.

What can you do to identify the problem and resolve it quickly? Which SQL Server tools will help you rescue your free time, or in the absence of a good weekend plan, can help you free up time for more fulfilling and proactive tasks?

This course is delivered by Klaus Aschenbrenner, author of Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker. Over the course of this 3-Day workshop Klaus will:

– Delve into the most prominent performance bottlenecks inside SQL Server

– Show you the different tools at your disposal to enable effective SQL Server performance troubleshooting.

– Teach you how to identify and resolve performance bottlenecks quickly


Super-scaling SQL Server (1 day)

With Thomas Kejser, November 23rd 2012, Dublin

Cost – €799

Registration: http://www.prodata.ie/events/2012/SQL-super-scaling.aspx

This course is not for the faint-hearted…. In fact you could describe it as performance tuning on steroids. In one intense day, Thomas will take participants beyond indexes to the next steps in optimising the performance of their SQL Servers. It aims to take you beyond best practices, below the surface into the realm of measurement and KNOWLEDGE about why your implementation works or doesn’t.

Formerly of the SQL CAT Team, Thomas is now CTO of Fusion IO. Building multi-terabyte- sized data warehouses, setting up OLTP systems for extreme scale and tuning world record data movement speed are some of Thomas’ recent achievements.

The course is level 400+ and targets the sweet spot between designing for performance and maintaining performance and is therefore relevant to Architects, Developers and DBAs alike, and as for Consultants… you will be guaranteed a brand new power-tool in the tool box

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