SQL Master Class for 2012 is anno

The agenda for 2012 SQL Master Class has been announced at. First one is on the 14th September!!!


If you haven;t been to previous MasterClass sessions, these are advanced sessions aimed at SQL Server professionals in Ireland. We aim to bring some of the best speakers to talk on topical subjects related to SQL Server Database Engine and Business Intelligence to Ireland for short half day sessions throughout the year.  The intention is that for busy professionals this is this an ideal form of professional development.

If the topic is a new technology then we aim to bring someone who can help you get up to speed as quickly as possible and answer real world questions. If the topic is an established area then we want to bring advanced (level 400+) content which you will defiantly not find at a regular training course Ireland.

The dates and topics are:

Fri 14th September, 2012Business Intelligence with Office 2013
More Details
Chris Webb
Fri 26th October, 2012Mission Critical Availability – Availability Groups and Failover Clustering
More Details
Gavin Payne
Thu 6th Dec 2012Azure and the Cloud for SQL Professionals
More Details
Bob Duffy
Thu 24th Jan 2013Advanced Performance Tuning
More Details
Klaus Aschenbrenner
28th Feb 2013Optimising SQL Server for Dot.Net Applications
More Details
Bob Duffy
Thu 25th Apr 2013SSIS – What’s new in 2012TBA

This is a “community project”, meaning that its completely non profit. There is a small charge for the year of 350 euro to cover some speaker costs. That works out  41 euro per half day session to get access to some of the best SQL Server Server content available.

BTW do you have  a session that is not listed, if so we are always looking for feedback to shape more MasterClass Sessions. Email events@prodata.ie with feedback !

Hope to see you all there,


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