Source Code for Load Testing Analysis Services

For those of you following my session at SqlBits X on load testing analysis service you might want to tinker with some of the sample reports or tests.

Attached is the VS 2010 source code for reports and unit tests. You will need SQL 2012 RTM installed to edit the code, but you can deploy and test against 2008R2. You can also deploy the cube to SSAS 2005 if needed.

Happy to answer any questions. I’m probably too busy to make many enhancements, but feel free to do anything you like with the source code.

My actual scaled up Adventure Works DB database is too big to post (14 MB). I have an older post on tips for scaling up adventure works here For my actual demo I used a much smarter technique of just using “views” to scale the data, so the actual size is still quite small on disk.

Sample Files Below

source code

SSAS Load testing presentation PPTX

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