Lightning for #sqlsat105 anyone ?

My first glance of a lightning talk was at SqlBits. Kasper de Jong delivered a superb session on what’s new in PowerPivot 2.0. In five minutes he managed to go through and demo 80% of the key new features – I felt like Neo in the Matrix getting some information uploaded super fast via a jack. No BS – just a straight informative session with lots of value. Saved me days of reading blogs and playing around with the Beta.   

I’ve accepted the challenge now 😉 at #sqlsat105 there is an open session for lightning talks. Each session is strictly 5 minutes and anything goes. My advice is don’t try to cover too much content and don’t give death by Power Point. For someone who is used to delivering 60 to 90 minutes sessions getting a message down to five minutes is quite a challenge!

If you are new to public speaking this is a great chance to try your hand at getting some experience. if you are a seasoned speaker, this is a chance to hone your five minutes, no BS skills.

Not sure what topic I am going to do. I was thinking of a session entitled “Microsoft Access for SQL Server folk” or maybe a five minute demo of What’s new in PowerView (err everything)

You can either just turn up on the day and register interest at the reception desk or email the  SQL Saturday 105 crew at

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