Turn that Screen Saver OFF

Just massaging the content for the SSIS Masterclass on Thursday (http://www.prodata.ie/Events/2011/SSIS-Deep-Dive.aspx).  As usual I am actually playing with a few other things in the background on various virtualised environments.

I just realised what an annoyance screen savers are on virtualised environments. I mean you come back after a cup of tea and you have your desktop screen saver to re-login to and also five other screens. Even worst on a customer site this week where I was logged into remote desktop on production, test and desktop domains each with different passwords and some with a fob to co-authenticate with. Arghhhh, I can’t count the number of times a cup of tea has cost me an account lockout on that site.

Anyways, turned the screen saver off on all my VM’s and I’m sure I’ve saved 10 minutes a day Winking smile

Ok, maybe some customers have security needs for screen savers, but for us, I have decided a new policy of screen savers ONLY on devices with screens…as a bonus, one less task in the background too stealing my CPU cycles.

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