SMS Tip of the Day – Filtering Tables

I must be going mad. I’ve worked on  thousands of database schemas over the years, including a lot of “conformed data warehouses” where there are a lot of different business areas in one user database, separated either by schema (newer style) or by some funky naming convention (older style). I’ve always found that SSMS can get a bit clunky and slow when there are lots of objects – in fact on a recent customer site with Navision (uses a silly number of objects) SSMS actually couldn’t enumerate all the tables and bombed out. We had to resort to just querying sys.objects to list tables.

I’ve just noticed that you can filter tables in SSMS to only show you a subset. Very handy to just select tables in a schema, or just “Sales” tables. Here’s a screen shot of the feature in action.

How did I miss that – its like been sitting on the toolbar since SSMS 2005….doh.

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