Microsoft Fabric

The future of both data engineering and analytics is Microsoft’s all-in-one SaaS Platform.

Prodata has the Architects and Consultants to deliver your solutions with Microsoft Fabric.

If you are new to Fabric we are currently delivering free services to help you get started:

Once you are up to speed we also offer a low cost Proof of Concept to get Fabric running in your organization and show what it can do.

If you need help implementing Fabric within your organisation we can offer Consultants at a daily rate for smaller projects, or you can engage with our delivery team for full project delivery using our IP and pre-built Frameworks within Fabric.

Contact us at for more details.

ERP Analytics

We provide analytics and / or data warehousing for your ERP platform.

Prodata have extensive experience in working with the following ERP and CRM systems:

  • SAP (Various)
  • Infor M3
  • Salesforce
  • Agresso
  • Exchequer
  • Oracle ERP
  • QuickBooks

Prodata then integrate these sources and using our semantic modelling and data warehousing experience transform your ERP data into an enriched, facilitated self-service, analytical platform.

We have experience both adding analytics and reporting on top of ERP and integrating from EDW into ERP, both batch and real-time.

We specialise in providing a secure, rich, managed self service BI framework on top of complex ERP structures, empowering thousands of users to explore data in a secure yet flexible and modern toolset such as PowerBI.

Synapse Data Warehousing

Whether your data platform is in Azure, on premise or hybrid, Prodata has world class expertise in data engineering and associated disciplines such as data warehousing, ETL, ELT, analytics and business intelligence.

We implemented our first OLAP solution back in 1999 in SQL 7.0 and today work across the Microsoft data stack in Azure with:

We bring decades of experience building enterprise platform solutions. More importantly as well as our experience we bring our solutions accelerator and PAGE framework to jump start your solution and avoid starting from scratch.